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Keeping your home & mind cool in summers can be hard, especially if you don’t have the right air conditioners! Welcome to Fab Summer – Your go-to review portal for ductless air conditioner reviews. Dozens of brands, lost list of products, and endless new features & technologies – There’s just too much to do check for, and we understand that the process can be overwhelming.

Why Fab Summer?

Contemporary homeowners are well-aware of the role that air conditioners have in maintaining the indoor environment. They are not keen on settling for just another product, because it’s at a discount. Instead, they prefer doing their homework well. Ductless air conditioners have emerged as a wise and smarter alternative to traditional centralized units, and there are many models to choose from. Even if you go ahead and check the websites of all leading manufacturers and brands, you are likely to get confused.

That’s exactly where Fab Summer steps. We are not like any other review portal on the web. We focus on individual products, and our team believes in testing as many air conditioners as possible. We give you a fair share of reasons why Fab Summer is your perfect site to find air conditioner reviews

  • Because we test our products and take reviews & feedback. We test the air conditioners from various brands on various factors. While online reviews and ratings are considered, we often go out, take surveys, and talk to direct consumers and figure out why one air conditioner might be better than others.
  • Because we are UNBIASED. Rest assured that none of the brands have paid us to do these reviews, and if we do include sponsored reviews anytime in the future, we will mention that with full transparency. Fab Summer is committed to doing ductless mini split reviews without any bias.
  • Because we guide you. Our reviews are not just about listing a few features or mentioning brands. We are here to guide your purchase. Figure out the best air conditioners based on your home needs. For example, if you have a big room, a standard air conditioner may not suffice. We are here to tell you what may work best for your home!
  • Because we offer detailed reviews. We believe you cannot really review air conditioners on just a few pointers, which is why our guides are detailed, written by top experts, and further edited by a team of experienced editors. These are air conditioner reviews you need, and we promise to keep adding more!


Shop for air conditioners like a pro!

Fab Summer intends to expand this blog and bring more products on our list, and we are reviewing both local and global brands. If you haven’t checked our blog as yet, go ahead and find the best ductless air conditioners available in the market!

We are listening!

Believe you have an air conditioner that hasn’t been reviewed yet? Want to find more on selected brands? Require information on new features in air conditioners? We are LISTENING. We are open to taking feedback from our readers, and we are looking forward to answering your questions. All information on the Fab Summer website is available for non-commercial use only, and we do try our best to update our blogs regularly. If you have a query or would want us to review one of the latest launches in air conditioners, send us an email.

Fab Summer will remain your comprehensive guide for everything in air conditioners, and we are covering more home products and goods in our recent post. Share the love for this blog and do write to us to help us do better!

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With an in-depth knowledge of all things air conditioning, Fab Summer is all about bringing comfort to your space. Our portal is dedicated to keeping you cool.  How?  Well, we’re awesome, for one.  But we do this by helping you to navigate the plethora of air conditioner options you face on the market today.  Knowing what AC unit is best, given your budget, and your square footage etc…well, this is critical info if you want to stay cool and not go broke!

The air conditioner reviews we feature are categorized by both brand and type (Portable Air Conditioner reviews, Window Air Conditioner Reviews, Split or Ductless Air Conditioner Reviews) as well. Plus, our team of AC experts stays always at ready to help you out.

Along with that, the valuable tips and tricks associated with all air cooling systems are provided too. And we do this all in the name of you saving you money without compromising the cool factor in your otherwise pleasant homes.  Indeed we have an important mission here at!

So, you can just think of Fab Summer as your one-stop-shop where you can come on by anytime for assistance regarding all of your air conditioning needs.  Thanks for visiting and stay COOOOL!

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Ensuring Cost-Effective Air Conditioning for Everyone!

We here at are fairly certain no one wants to work or live in a hotbox.  Sure some are more sensitive than others to heat, depending on a myriad of factors.  If you grew up in Libya, where, incidentally the hottest day on record occurred, at a sweltering 135 degrees Fahrenheit, well then you will be quite a bit more heat-resistant than someone who grew up in Nome, Alaska.  By the way that merciless 135 degree day in Libya was in 1922, and we are very happy that none of us on staff here were even close to being alive and citizens of Libya at that time.  Yikes.

Anyway, when it comes down to it, pretty much everyone’s ideal temp is somewhere between 68 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit, and if you have the means and the access to AC, then making the right choice is key if you want to have an effective and affordable AC solution in your home or office.  And that is when a stop by good ole’ becomes a perfect choice for you.

Our sole mission is to provide the scoop on high-quality and affordable air conditioning solutions for both residential and commercial spaces.  Indeed we take this mission very seriously.  We hope to keep on providing our air conditioning expertise to help you keep your summers cool and fabulous, and to do so without putting you into the poor house.  No one wants that. We just want a little cool air blowing constantly in our faces on hot days.  Is that too much to ask? #FirstWorldProblems : )

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Top 10 Air Conditioners

Frigidaire FFRA0511R141 pounds5,000
Frigidaire FRA052XT735 pounds5,000
Frigidaire FRA054XT735 pounds5,000
Sunpentown (SPT)75 pounds12,000
Frigidaire B00J7XVX3O59 pounds10,000
Pioneer WYS012-1719 pounds12000
Senville SENL-09CD66.14 pounds9000
Kaussmann 18000 Btur160 pounds18000
Okyotech 12,000 BTU85 pounds12,000
KINGSFIN 18000 BTU---- 18000

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