Top 5 Air Conditioners to Buy This Summer Season

Top 5 Air Conditioners to Buy This Summer Season

Nobody wants to face the extreme temperatures of the summers alone, without AC, and without the help of the AC Wizards here at  We see you there, tossing and turning in your bed, the air in the room as still as still can be, humid, sweat on your brow, your pillow feeling like it was just baked for 30 mins in your oven (on the broil setting).  We feel your pain.  We want to cool you off, stat.

Luckily there are a plethora of AC unit types and brands to choose from, and there are options for pretty much all budget ranges.  The trick is, how do you sift through all of those options, and make sure that your hard-earned dollars are not spent in vain?  How do you know you’re not going to plunk down $300 on a brutally heavy 15,000 btu window unit, only to bring it home, install it with the help of 1-3 able-bodied adults, and then have it just trip your circuit breaker every 10 mins while running?  The answer is you don’t!  But knowledge is power, people.  And in this case, knowledge is cooling power.

Some of the best air conditioners are out there in the market, probably available within a short Uber ride away.  We assure you of that. All you need to do is select the right one that matches your budget, your space, and your electricity bandwith, and you’re all set. So, clearly, the process of finding an AC starts with creating a list of requirements that you have. Then, you can match your requirements with the features provided by different models. This will definitely lead you to a perfect match of your choice in AC.

How to find the best AC for your space?

As you already know, the key here is to match your requirements with the features of the models available. Along with that, you should also compare prices with quality, brand reputation, and associated warranties. That is how you will select the best AC for your own space.

Here are the air conditioner reviews of the top 5 models from different brands. Please take your time to review the features and learn about the pros and cons to make the AC selection process easier.

Product NameDimensionsWeightBTU  
Pioneer WYS012-17 Air Conditioner31.5 x 7.4 x 11.6 inches19 pounds12000Read Reviews
Senville SENL-09CD 9000 BTU26 x 10.4 x 21.3 inches66.14 pounds9000Read Reviews
Kaussmann 18000 Btu (1.5 Ton) Mini Split, Air Conditioner48 x 40 x 34 inches160 pounds18000Read Reviews
Okyotech 12,000 BTU 1 TON Mini Split Air Conditioner30 x 7 x 10 inches85 pounds12,000Read Reviews
KINGSFIN 18000 BTU Air Conditioner--------18000Read Reviews


1. Pioneer WYS012-17 Air Conditioner:

With high efficiency in the inverter and split heat pump, this model is perfect for people who desire energy efficient cooling. The air conditioner comes with both cooling as well as heating capacities. That allows the users to control the indoor temperature in all weather conditions, without losing sleep about insane energy bills at the same time.

Technical specifications of Pioneer WYS012-17

  • The cooling capacity is 12,000 BTU/H that comes with 17.2 SEER efficiency.
  • The heating capacity is also 12,000 BTU/H that comes with 9.0 hspf of efficiency.
  • The AC comes with an inverter that provides high efficiency too.
  • The ductless heat pump system is compact in size.
  • The AC requires a voltage of 110~120 VAC and 60 Hz.


  • Pioneer WYS012-17 is perfect for power saving cooling and heating.
  • The compact design makes it easy to install.
  • The quality serves for a long time with minimal maintenance.


  • The price can become a concerning factor for some buyers.


2. Senville SENL-09CD 9000 BTU:

When you need a mini air conditioner for a compact room or your small living room area, then, this model may be your perfect choice. The brand is known for the sleek designs, which is clearly visible in this model. Plus, you obtain a combination of cooling and heating system with a SEER rating of 15. The AC makes negligible noise during operation, which allows you to have a good night sleep sans an incredibly loud humming machine sound. Even small commercial spaces can use this AC for quiet operation and efficient cooling.

Technical specifications of Senville SENL-09CD 9000 BTU

  • The air conditioner and heating system come with 15 SEER rating.
  • The AC has the compressor from Toshiba that offers a warranty of 5 years.
  • An installation kit comes with the model including a copper line of 16 ft.
  • The AC requires a power supply of 110 V


  • The AC comes with a one-year warranty on all the parts and a 5-year warranty on the compressor.
  • The compact dimensions help in saving the installation area.
  • The cooling and heating quality is pretty impressive.
  • The AC doesn’t make any noises, which makes it suitable for bedrooms and other areas in the house.


  • It might require ongoing maintenance for quality performance.

3. Kaussmann 18000 Btu (1.5 Ton) Mini Split, Air Conditioner:

Kaussman is one of the most prestigious names in the world of air conditioners. This 18000 BTU model from the brand is a mini split ductless AC that comes with multiple features. The heating and cooling are the basic features of the AC. However, the model goes beyond that and provides ventilation and dehumidification for the indoor space. This is what allows people to control the temperature as well as the air quality in their space. The complexity of the installation kit makes it a bit easier to install with the help of professionals, truth be told. The impressive SEER rating of 17.6 provides the evidence of the efficiency of the brand. Along with all that, the model offers warranties on parts and the compressor too.

Technical specifications of 18000 Btu Air Conditioner

  • The AC offers the efficiency of 17.6 SEER rating.
  • An installation kit comes along with the air conditioner with a length of 15 ft.
  • The AC requires a standard power supply of 208-230 VAC.
  • The warranty on the compressor of the AC is 5 years, while all the other parts have 3 years of warranty.


  • The mini split design of the AC makes it perfect for all location installation.
  • The warranty is highly impressive, which makes the investment cost-effective.
  • The AC makes absolutely no noise.
  • The installation is quite easy.
  • Offers ventilation and dehumidification as well.


  • The price is a little higher as compared to other AC choices in the same category.

4. Okyotech 12,000 BTU 1 TON Mini Split Air Conditioner:

In the world of mini split ACs, the Okyotech comes with this ductless AC that provides cooling and heating together with 12000 BTU. The heat pump and the installation kit are provided to make AC experience top-notch. The model offers a 3 dimensional flow of the air, which makes the AC smarter than other brands. Multiple modes help in controlling the AC effectively. You can find modes for heating, cooling, dehumidification and even ventilation too. The quiet operation and impressive efficiency keep the user feel relaxed in all manners. Both outdoor and indoor units include high-quality body parts. That is what keeps the units highly effective and efficient for a long time.

The model leverages a green refrigerant technology (nice to the environment) and provides a stylish design that adds a nice modern aesthetic to the user’s space. The eco-friendly refrigerant doesn’t include chlorine, which is where the environmental bonus comes from. And that is what makes this model one of the best air conditioners.

Technical specifications of Okyotech 12,000 BTU

  • The AC works at quiet 26 DB of operation noise.
  • The 3D flow of air is provided during the cooling and heating process.
  • The energy efficiency has a rating of 14 SEER.
  • A copper line of 16 ft comes with the installation kit.
  • A Chlorine free technology is provided with Green R410A refrigerant.
  • The AC requires 115 VAC power and 60 Hz.
  • The cooling capacity is about 12,000 BTU, while the heating capacity has a number 12,500 BTU.
  • The compressor is from Toshiba that comes with a 5-year warranty.
  • All the other AC parts have a 3-year warranty.


  • The design of the AC is sleek and provides high-quality air in the indoor space.
  • Multiple accessories come along with the kit.
  • The AC actually covers each and every corner of the room with the 3D flow of air.
  • The warranty period is impressive too.


  • The energy efficiency is a little lower than other options in the same category.

5. KINGSFIN 18000 BTU Air Conditioner

This model from Kingsfin is another great choice for consumers. With the cooling capacity of 18000 BTU, the AC also provides an impressive efficiency of 15 SEER. You obtain a complete system that cools and heats the room according to the outside weather. And it all comes with air quality functionality and the dehumidification system too.

The control system is top-notch and helps you easily manage different modes and features such as the timer, sleep mode, auto restart, anti-cold, and swing system.

Technical specifications of KINGSFIN 18000 BTU Air Conditioner

  • The cooling and heating capacity is 18000 BTU.
  • The LED display is movable and comes with air quality monitoring.
  • The efficiency has a rating of 15 SEER rating.
  • The inverter has 55D DC technology.
  • The AC runs at a power supply of 230 V and 60 Hz, which is standard for most households.


  • The auto restart and auto swing are effective to manage the room temperature.
  • The indoor unit operates at a quiet hum.
  • This AC unit is health-conscious by controlling and improving air quality as it runs.


  • The features are not quite as versatile as other ACs in the same category.


So, there you have it – the full scoop on the top 5 air conditioners to buy. Now it is your turn to review the info, compare the features, and select the best unit for your cooling needs. Good Luck!