Top Features You Can Find In Samsung Air Conditioners

Top Features You Can Find In Samsung Air Conditioners

Samsung is one of the leading names that you find in the world of gadgets and technologies. And their air conditioners have gained an immense level of fame and appreciation all over the world. The brand comes shares the stage with the top AC manufacturing companies, which makes it highly trusted in the market overall.

The air conditioners from Samsung are known for innovative features by customers. Hence, this post discusses all of the top features that Samsung air conditioners are known for.

1. High-level Cooling

When the summer season is at its peak, any run-of-the-mill air conditioning set-up just won’t cut it, folks. You require the absolute highest level of cooling, and we know this, and therefore you MUST understand the sweet turbo cooling feature of Samsung AC units. That’s right, you heard correctly – Turbo Cooling.  How can that not be a bonus?  Not all Samsung models are created equal, however.  That is to say, they are not ALL turbo cooled. There are many Samsung models though that do indeed come with TC.  That’s what we’re going to call Turbo Cooling from now on.  So get used to it.  Anyway, TC is fully amaze because it does what it sounds like it does – it cools down your space faster than non-TC units. And it does so without compromising energy efficiency.  Win-win, dear readers, win-win.

2. Consistent Cooling in all Directions

Another great feature that you find in Samsung air conditioners is its ability to provide even cooling – in other words Samsung designs its AC units to ensure cooling in all directions of the space/room they are installed in.  How do they do this? No clue. But it has something to do with air distribution technology.  The important thing is that it seems to work!

3. Air Quality Sensors

Samsung leverages their air quality sensing technology to offer some add-on value to their AC units.  Specifically, the air conditioners evaluate the humidity in the room along with the temperature. With that evaluation, the machine makes adjustments in the cooling and dehumidification processes. As a result, the room reaches a comfortable air quality condition faster. These kinds of adjustments require technology that air conditioners of yore simply did not have!

Apart from that, the brand also ensures some solid air filtering with the removal of dust and dirt with its high-density filter. These filters allow the AC to remove all kinds of dust, dirt and other microscopic particles that could be harmful to your air quality. The air filtration technology also includes an anti-bacterial system. In short, Samsung doesn’t skimp of air quality – install one of these units and enjoy the premium air quality in your newly chilled space.

4. Relaxing Bio Sleep

Samsung takes special care for sleep quality of its customers.  And it’s called “Bio Sleep”.  How effing cool is that?  I’m pretty sure I would buy a product that ONLY offered “Bio Sleep” functionality, even not knowing exactly what it was!  Curious?  Indeed. Well, the bio sleep feature in Samsung’s split air conditioner models provides multiple stages of “night mode” to help you sleep. The air conditioner keeps on slightly reducing and increasing the temperatures during different times at night. As a result, you receive a relaxing and sound sleep every night in your room.  Pretty cool.

5. Simple Controls

The remote control and the display of the temperature and other data make for a simple user experience. Users will find it very easy to understand the symbols on their remotes.  Sounds obvious, but indeed most of us have found ourselves looking at a remote for an AC unit or fan, and thinking, “what the heck does this one do?.”  Not the case with Samsung remotes.  Very simple! Plus, the display gives clear and visible data related to the temperatures.

For those of us not central AC-equipped, finding a high quality air conditioner is essential to making scorching summer temps comfortable inside your home. And the chances of having one become much higher with Samsung air conditioners, as they pretty much score highly across the boards on features, ease of use, effectiveness, and efficiency.

So, now would be a great time to pick an AC from Samsung that suits your place!

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