Top 5 Air Conditioners Offered By LG Brand

Top 5 Air Conditioners Offered By LG Brand

LG is one of the popular and reputed names in the market of appliances and electronics equipment. The air conditioners offered by LG have obtained a special appreciation in the market. This has been possible due to the high-end innovation and uncompromising efficiency offered by the brand.

LG is a brand that offers you a wide range of choices in all air conditioning categories,which is why every consumer gets to find the perfect AC without really needing to look anywhere else. The models come with the assurance of top-notch performance and the name of LG that is a symbol of quality in AC devices.

What are the best air conditioner categories that LG has?

LG has multiple models in all AC categories. Some of the most popular categories include the window, portable, and ductless units. LG has multiple models in all of the mentioned categories. As a result, you can have the perfect combination of features in the type of AC that suits the size and location of your space.

Now, that know all the categories, it is the time to find about the top 5 air conditioner models offered by LG. Here we go!

Top LG Air Conditioner Reviews

  1. LG LW1016ERLG LW1016ER 10,000 BTU Window-Mounted Air Conditioner

Offering an affordable choice, LG provides exceptional cooling capacity with this window AC. The capacity of 10000 BTU requires the power of only 115 V to operate. The remote control is provided with multiple cooling speeds and fan speeds to manage the cooling. A room of 450 square ft. can easily get quick cooling along with the dehumidification too.

The model is extremely energy efficient too, which makes it further impressive for the users. The design is compact enough to make it suitable for all types of rooms and office cabins.


Technical specifications of LG LW1016ER Window-Mounted Air Conditioner

  • The model has the EER ratio of 12.1, which gives proof of the efficiency.
  • The AC requires a standard power of 115 V only in order to provide 10000 BTU cooling capacity.
  • The model can cover a room of about 450 square ft.
  • Dehumidification is also available with 2.7 pints in every hour.
  • The cooling flexibility of the model includes 3 types of cooling speeds and 3 types of fan speeds too.


  • With this AC, you can get quality cooling without wasting electricity.
  • The reliable design stays top-notch for a long time.
  • Remote control functions help in controlling the cooling.


  • The cooling capacity is limited to 450 square ft. only.


  1. LG LP1015WNR 115V Portable Air Conditioner

In the category of portable air conditioners, LG has something unique and modern to offer. This model from LG has everything that you can ask from a portable air conditioner. The cooling capacity of 10000 BTU makes the area cool very quickly. Plus, the multiple mode functions help in managing the AC in different weather conditions. The operation includes modes such as cooling, dry and fan only. So, you can obtain flexible cooling capacity according to your preference.

The beautiful design of this model wins the heart of the consumers with a single glance. The design is modern and sleek, which makes it effective in all kinds of spaces. So, you never have to feel concerned about compromising the beauty and appeal of the interior.

Technical specifications of LG LP1015WNR Portable Air Conditioner

  • This portable AC provides cooling for a room of about 250 square ft.
  • The cooling capacity is 10000 BTU according to the ASHRAE-128 standard.
  • The model requires only the standard power supply of 115 V.
  • The power cord of 6 ft. is attached, which makes it easy to move around.
  • The remote control is provided with functions such as dry, fan and cool.
  • The dry mode provides moisture removal of about 2.6 pints in every hour.


  • The portable nature allows you to move the AC wherever you are.
  • The energy efficiency of the device makes cooling cost-effective too.
  • The design and durability come along with the reputation of LG brand.


  • You cannot rely on the portable AC in a large area.


  1. LG LW6017R 6,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner

Another window model from LG that offers 6000 BTU cooling capacity! The model is compact and effective for small room purposes. The cooling flexibility is impressive in the 6000 BTU capacity. Plus, the operational efficiency helps in keeping the energy bills under control. You can cool a room that has an area of about 260 square ft. But that is not the only feature you get with this air conditioner. The dehumidification also comes along to help you tackle the moisture in the indoor air. The machine removes about 1.8 pints of moisture in every hour.

The design is simple and effective too. The simplicity of the structure is what makes it look appealing in the windows. The installation is easy due to the single unit. And it all comes at a price that doesn’t put pressure on your pockets.

Technical specification of LG LW6017R Window Air Conditioner

  • The window air conditioner provides the cooling capacity of 6000 BTU.
  • The cooling coverage of the AC is 260 square ft.
  • The moisture removing system provides 1.8 pints removal in every hour.
  • There are 3 types of cooling speeds provided in the remote control along with auto cool function.
  • The fan speed can be changed in three states too.
  • The operational energy consumption is low.


  • The energy consumption is really impressive and helps you save a lot of energy bill.
  • The price of the air conditioner is also pretty reasonable.


  • The AC has the basic functionalities only.


  1. LG LW8016ER 8,000 BTU Window-Mounted Air Conditioner

The 8000 BTU capacity is achievable with this model of LG. The model requires window mounting and comes with an exquisite design. The energy efficiency of 12.1 EER rating and the compact dimensions make it suitable for medium-sized rooms. The rooms having an area of about 340 square ft. get immediate and reliable cooling with this model. The machine doesn’t require any more than the standard power supply of 115 V. Plus, the remote control gives the flexibility of adjusting the cooling and fan speed according to your own preference. However, there are specifically 3-speed functions for cooling and fan speeds. Along with that, you get about 2.2 pints of moisture removal in every hour. This dehumidification helps you resolve the problem of moisture for good.

Technical specifications of LG LW8016ER Window-Mounted Air Conditioner

  • The air conditioner come in the window-mount category and provides cooling of 8000 BTU.
  • The energy efficiency is high with the EER ratio of 12.1 that helps in saving energy consumption.
  • The power requirement is 115 V, which is standard.
  • The dehumidification takes out 2.2 pints of moisture in every hour.
  • The remote control provides 3 speeds for cooling flexibility and fan speeds.
  • The dimensions of the model are 19.6 x 19.4 x 12.4 (D*W*H) inches.


  • The size and cooling capacity are perfect for medium-sized rooms.
  • You can obtain quality cooling without investing too much.
  • The operational efficiency helps in keeping the maintenance requirements under control.


  • You need a window in the room to install.


  1. LG LSN180HSV4 Ductless Single-Zone Wall Mount Indoor Air Handler

In the category of ductless air conditioners, LG has been serving with innovative models. And this one is a perfect example of the quality and beauty of the ACs provided by LG brand. The model requires wall mounting and covers one zone for cooling. However, the cooling capacity is exceptionally high with 18000 BTU. The innovative technology of the model helps in controlling the quality of the indoor too.

The controlling features include various modern elements such as self-cleaning, sleep mode, jet cooling, and various others. Along with that, the model has Wi-Fi connectivity and energy saving system too. The auto swing and restart features are additional ones that you get.

Technical specifications of LG LSN180HSV4 Ductless air conditioner

  • This ductless AC comes with the cooling capacity of 18000 BTU.
  • The Wi-Fi connectivity makes it a smart AC.
  • The indoor coil system gets cleaned automatically.
  • You can use sleep mode, jet cooling, heat inverter and other modes to save the energy.
  • There is an energy saving sensor available too, which handles the consumption of the energy.
  • The AC can swing air in four ways to provide cooling in all directions.


  • The AC can be mounted on a wall.
  • The model offers almost all the smart features you can think off.
  • The cooling capacity is exceptionally admirable.
  • The internal cleaning is possible automatically, which makes it a durable device.


  • You need to spend a good amount in order to get all the features.

So, that is all on this topic. Now, you have a reliable list of top 5 air conditioners from LG. Remember, all these models have their own advantages and limitations. You just need to choose one that provides more benefits to your purpose of using an air conditioner. So, choose wisely!

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