The Best Sunscreen for Sensitive Eyes

The Best Sunscreen for Sensitive Eyes

Sunscreens are an important step of your skincare routine.

If you skip them even for a single day, your skin lays bare to extremely harmful UV and infrared rays that can potentially lead to skin cancer!

In a hurry? Here’s our top sunscreen for sensitive eyes pick!

NYDG Skincare CHEM-Free Active Defense SPF 30

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While face serums and night creams are important for nourishment, the regular use of a sunblock can truly give you a youthful look. It helps reverse the aging effects. Wearing sunblock can single-handedly protect your skin from melanoma, a deadly skin disease. Melanoma causes your skin to develop stubborn brown spots that darken over time and can even be cancerous.

Although some sunblocks can be really heavy and greasy due to the presence of strong ingredients like titanium and zinc-oxide, they are never to be abandoned under fears of an acne breakout. If you have super oily skin then you’re probably more in need of sun protection since UV exposure can dry out your skin and worsen hyper-pigmentation.

People with sensitive skin, especially around the eyes and nose may find certain sun-blocks too harsh. Sadly, certain sunscreens have rough ingredients that may work fine for normal skin but can cause sensitive skin to sting, burn, and even develop a rash.

The solution is not to ditch sunscreens altogether but to look for milder ingredients that‘ll suit your skin better. Finding the right sunscreen that suits your skin can be a challenge. And you only get to it through trial and error.

If you’re someone who is anxiously looking for that perfect sun-block that doesn’t sting your eyes and gives you long-lasting protection then keep reading for our most-trusted recommendations.

Here are the top 3 sunscreens for sensitive skin:

1.     NYDG Skincare Chem-Free Active Defense SPF 30

In addition to having SPF 30, this product is made with the most nourishing ingredients like squalene oils and the magnificent argan oil. It deeply moisturizes your skin while providing it with ample of sun protection. With the hypo-allergenic formula, you can forget about any inflammations or stings around your eyes, nose, and chin. NYDG Skincare Chem-Free Active Defense SPF 30 sunscreen leaves your skin feeling smooth and silky.

2.     Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen

Blue Lizard sunscreen is a mineral-based formula that makes it a non-comedogenicsunblock perfect for sensitive and oily skin types. Many dermatologists have recommended this one because it can soothe the most finicky of skin types. It is made without irritants, artificial fragrances, and parabens. Its water-based formula smoothly glides on the skin and leaves it feeling hydrated with a matte finish. Make sure to reapply it every two hours.

3.     Neutrogena Sensitive Skin Sunscreen SPF 60+

Neutrogena is one of the best brands for sensitive skin. With a separate range of hypo-allergenic products especially made for problematic skin, it lasts you for around 3 to 4 hours. The lotion is actually a physical sunscreen that has zinc oxide and titanium oxide to keep your skin oil-free.

It doesn’t matter what your skin type is, everyone needs a dab of sunscreen daily before they head out.

5 Helpful Tips on How To Correctly Apply Your Sunscreen

  1. Make sure to lay it on thick – You should only be using around a tablespoon of sunscreen for your face and about 2 ounces for your body.
  2. Use the sunscreen daily – Sun exposure, depending on how much you leave the house, is an everyday occurrence and because of that you should be applying sunscreen every day you plan to go outside, for daily protection.
  3. Apply the sunscreen BEFORE going into the sun –Sunscreen does not immediately start working once applied, you’ll need about 20 minutes for it to fully start working.
  4. Re-apply every 90 minutes or so – Once sunscreen hits the sun, it actually begins to stop working. So if you plan on being outside for any allotted period of time just make sure to consistently re-apply your sunscreen for maximum protection.
  5. Dot the sunscreen directly to your face –If you want your sunscreen to be absorbed more quickly and easily, then you should actually apply it directly to your face, instead of your hands.-+

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