The 3 Best Repellents to Keep Snakes Away From Your Yard

The 3 Best Repellents to Keep Snakes Away From Your Yard

Some people find snakes and other slithering animals like snails and worms to be extremely vile. Unfortunately, you can easily find them lurking in garages, shrubs, and back gardens. If you’re someone who frequently spots snakes creeping in your backyard and garden then you’re in a dire need of a snake repellent.

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Ortho Snake B Gon

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What makes it worse is that snakes often carry poisonous venom. And if you’re ever caught in an attempt to ward off a stubborn snake from your garage, then you’re definitely exposed to fatal danger.

If you don’t stop them in time, they can creep inside your homes and you can probably imagine the horrible outcome after that.

Luckily, there are plenty of super-effective and deadly snake repellents that do the job sufficiently. Check out these top repellents to keep snakes miles away from your house.

Ortho Snake B Gon

Just like its name, this snake repellent will put an end to even the slightest chances of a snake entering your backyard. Often animal repellents have a strong, foul smell that can be poisonous to human beings.

However, this snake killing portion is made from environment friendly chemicals that specifically target nasty snakes hidden in shrubs and gardens. Ortho Snake B Gon comes with a shaker that you need to spray in your backyard or in any place where a snake could be potentially nesting.

Check shrubs, bushes, and empty cartons for any eggs or small snakes. In addition to the repellent also get a barrier constructed around the areas you think the snake can get in. Remember, snake repellents are not the solution but an important part of a bigger pest control.

Dr. T’s Snake-A-Way

If you’re looking for an extremely potent repellent, then Dr. T’s Snake-a-way granules are a good option. They are easy-to-use and practical to deter snakes away from your house. Although the granules are quite efficient, they reek of moth balls. You may want to reapply the repellent once the smell fades out.

With powerful active ingredients like sulfur and nepthalene, this repellent will definitely keep the snakes away. The repellent has had quite a few convincing reviews with a user claiming he hasn’t seen a single snake right after he sprinkled the granules.

The Snake Stopper Spray Repellent

If you have a spacious yard or a large green space, then this repellent is an ideal choice because it gives ample coverage to large areas. It also has a surprisingly pleasant smell so you don’t have to block off your nose when spraying this bad guy.

The best part about this repellent is that it is made of natural and environment-friendly ingredients like clove oil, cedar oil, cinnamon oil, and sulfur. These oils have a strong smell to keep the creepy reptiles far away from your yard. The repellent is available in a liquid form so it’s easy to put almost everywhere.

You don’t have to worry anymore. Spray some of these super-strong repellent in your yard and you will never have to deal with a slithering snake.

5 Tips to Keep Snakes Away from Your Yard

  1. Clutter –When you have clutter in your backyard, it’s an invitation for snakes to hide. They are attracted to hiding places that can be found behind a pile of leaves, in a pile of hay or even under some logs. Make sure that your yard is free and clear of any clutter.
  2. No low growing plants – Shrubs, packed gardens and thick plants will all attract snakes. Consider growing plants that are not as close to the ground but if you already have a good amount of these plants in your yard already, a great thing to do would be to consider transplanting them away from your homes foundation.
  3. Fencing – Fencing may not be ideal for your entire yard but fencing the areas where the snakes are most prevalent is an effective solution. Whether or not the fencing will work depends on the type of snakes you have but a combination of fencing paired with the other steps should drastically reduce or even eliminate snakes in your yard.

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